Giving you the step-by-step guidance you need to create a successful budget using the cash envelope system.

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What will we be covering?

What is a budget & how to start.

Learn how to create a zero-based budget by setting goals, calculating your income, and figuring out your expenses.

Understanding your income.

Learn how to budget your money when your income is irregular.

Making your budget realistic.

Learn the secrets of sticking to a budget by making it more realistic.

What is your budget missing?

Learn about all of the expenses you should be budgeting for, but aren't.

How to organize your bills & track your expenses.

Learn how to create a system to make paying bills easier. Get tips on organzing paper and electronic bills, and how to keep track of bills after you pay them.

How to use cash envelopes.

Learn about the cash evelope method, get answers to frequently asked questions, and get access to over 20 different cash envelope designs!

I'm so excited to get going the first of July with my new budget! Finally, I'll be controlling my money instead of it controlling me! It's gonna be awesome!

- Suzanne Headrick

Free resources you get from the course:

  • Course Syllabus
  • Goal Worksheet
  • Income & Expense budget
  • Expense Tracker
  • Membership & Subscription Reminder Worksheet
  • Forgotten Expenses Checklist
  • Bill Calendar
  • Bill Tracker
  • 21 Cash Envelope Designs
  • 35-page Full Course E-book

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