The Budget Crush Workbook

Created by Kumiko Love, AFC®

In the beginning, finding a process not only to manage my money, but organize my finances was difficult.

My finances used to be a mess. I had a bunch of debt. I was not aware of where my money was going. Then one day, I brought financial organization into my life.

Now, I have a failproof financial plan that works for me.

I have paid off my debt, saved money, and have found my definition of financial freedom.

Starting my financial journey changed my life.

If you want to start the foundation of gaining control of your money, it begins with small steps that you can turn into action. It starts with an organized process.

If you are ready to create a simple budget in just four easy steps, sign up using the form below.

It doesn't matter if this is your first budget, or if you are a seasoned budgeter looking for a more straightforward way to organize your financial process, this can help you.

Here's what you will get:

  • Budget Crush Workbook instructions
  • blank monthly budget
  • expense tracker
  • variable expense tracker
  • bill tracker
  • blank monthly calendar

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A budget completely change my life.

It can change yours too.

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